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Friday, 03 April 2015 17:51

05. Roger

Roger started guitar lessons when he we were kids in Spokane, if I remember correctly. By the time we were living in Escondido, he was good enough to lead our band, "The Luv Please." Over the years, he just got better and better and was involved with a number of bands. In the eighties,he had the Kinetics and produced a couple of albums. Later, he had a band called "The Roger Roger's Band. You can find Roger's youtube channel here: 


Here is some other links down through the years.


Here are a few of his tunes:

"I’m just a Loner" 
“Devil Women”
"It’s alright” 
“Wall around my house” 
“She lost the beat”
"Cool Cool Water”
"Snake Dance"
"Hey LaLa Lee"
"She Lost the Beat"
"Ride My Rail"
"It's Alright"
"Seattle All God Damn Day Blues"
"Life's Too Short"
"It's My Life"
"All Momma's Children"


 "I Got the Seatle Rain All God Damn Day Blues." Roger used to live in sunny Southern California, San Diego, Escondido, Poway. He has been living in Seattle for many years now but sometimes, on rainy days, still misses Southern Cal.




When I get old, I'm gonna start drinking and smoking again. 


Roger grew up part of his life in Grandview and Toppenish, on the Yakima Indian reservation and has also lived and played in San Diego, California.


This was my favorite the first time I listend to the cd through. Roger was doing blues for a while but this is a hot rocker.


Roger Rogers is my brother in Seattle and lead guitar player since we were adolescents. He has played in various bands and has produced several cd's. This super-8 film was shot in a bar in Spokane sometime during the 1980's around the time The Kinetics had put out the album "Snake Dance."



Cool, Cool Water: 




Hunger and Emotion:


Crazy Little World:


 "I'm Just a Loner"


Devil Woman



















































































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